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APR Spoofing

Now we turn to the remedies against cybercrime; three relevant topics will be presented here: 

In relation to how the individual can combat cybercrime, we will try to clarify what is permitted as digital self-defence for the systems owner experiencing an attack on their systems. We touch upon the traditional concepts in the Danish Criminal Law about self-defence and elaborate this principle into the digital sphere.  

Next, an introduction to the regulation concerning the collection and processing of personal data will be provided. First and foremost, the regulation is seen as a protection of citizens’ personal data and thus private life. However, the regulation must also be seen as a general instrument to secure personal data from falling into the wrong hands, thus enabling cybercrime. With severe administrative fines in place, certainly, there is an incentive for corporations and public authorities to strengthen security measures in data systems.

Finally, we touch upon the special circumstances and challenges in relation to the police investigating cybercrime nationally and internationally.

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